Cocktail Mixes

Jell-Craft margaritas have been served throughout San Antonio and South Texas from the most intimate parties to the largest citywide events including San Antonio’s annual 10 day Fiesta celebration. Jell-Craft’s Peach Bellini is a San Antonio legend, being served at many wedding events and upscale restaurants.


Cocktail and Margarita mixes that are 7-1 concentratesJellCraft7-1
Each half gallon makes 5 gallons of finished product

  • Lemon-Gold Margarita
  • Lemon-Lime Margarita
  • Mango Cocktail Mix
  • Strawberry Cocktail Mix
  • Peach Bellini

Bar Quickies – Cocktail and Margarita Mixes

Jell-Craft Bar Quickies are 5 oz. versions of the same products  enjoyed at many restaurants and celebrations. Each of these 5 oz. bottles makes a full 48 oz. blender/pitcher full of delicious cocktails bringing the restaurant experience to your home, your pool or
wherever you want to enjoy them at.

 Flavors of Bar Quickies:

  • Lemon-Lime Margarita
  • Lemon-Gold Margarita
  • Mango Margarita
  • Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri
  • Peach Bellini


Ready to Use Non-Alcoholic Mixers

  • Non-Alcoholic Triple Sec (1 liter long-neck bottle – packed 12 long neck bottles/case)

*We have additional formulas for a range of cocktail products that are not listed above. Please contact us
for more information.


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  • Great! kids loved it! this was my favorite flavor and the kids really liked it! But some kids didn’t know what Blue Coconut would taste like so they didn’t get it. It’s a little kid taste with a big kid name. Paul
    Ace Mart customer