Morgan eating snow cone (3)

I love sno-cones just like anyone else lol..I bought a small sno-cone maker for my kids at Walmart..well they had all kinds of different syrups there..except Coconut!!! Thank goodness I found it on here..and I’m more of a clear Coconut fan..but I have to say this one is good too and the price isn’t too much either!!!- Naomi Riggs, Amazon customer
This product is a great buy! When I first opened my business 2 summers ago I started w/5 flavors from Jell-Craft. My customers went crazy for the Strawberry and Blue Coconut flavors. I literally traveled 1,000 miles to get the product to keep my customers happy. I now only carry and use Jell-Craft products in my sno-cone shop every summer and I have 15 flavors now. I would recommend these delicious flavors to anyone.- Esmer, Ace mart customer
Great! kids loved it! this was my favorite flavor and the kids really liked it! But some kids didn’t know what Blue Coconut would taste like so they didn’t get it. It’s a little kid taste with a big kid name.- Paul, Ace Mart customer
Chamoyada snow cone syrup. The Chamoyada syrup is so good ! It’s like a sweet spicy flavor that mostly Hispanics enjoy. It’s also great mixed with watermelon or pickle flavored syrups ! For those of you who don’t know what Chamoy is – it’s a red sweet and spicy liquid that the Hispanic community pours over any sort of fruit ! It is so good !!!!!!- Irene, Ace Mart customer
Tastes great, good price.- Tiff, Ace Mart customer
This is my best seller, people here in Washington are not familiar with it but we tell them to try it and they are always happy they did . Great product!- Gloria, Ace Mart customer
This is good! This has replaced strawberry for my shave ice.- Ben, Ace Mart customer
Our new favorite flavor! My kids love this flavor. Blue Raspberry used to be their favorite, this has replaced it.- cookadoo, Ace Mart customer
I’ve heard about this flavor for years.I decided to give it a try-to form my own opinion.The Jell-Craft Tigers Blood snow cone syrup is now my favorite of ALL syrups and flavors I’ve used through the years.I hope to never run out of it!!- Decalcrazy, Ace Mart customer
Surprised at the price and the entire order was delivered quickly and in great shape. Made the party a hit!!!- Susan, Ace Mart customer
Kids product has a different taste than tropical punch, kids enjoyed the fruity and new taste!- PTA Mom, Ace Mart customer
Delicous flavor but can be a bit overpowering. It tastes like a mixture between strawberry and watermelon, in my opinion. When mixed with something a little more sour (like the sal y limon flavor) it tastes really good. I would recommend this as an expansion of syrups that are provided (growing popular).- Sour Power, Ace Mart customer
We use this product to make ‘slushes’ for the entire family. Great quality and reasonable price…. can’t ask for more than that. We are extremely satisfied with Jell-Craft products.- Eick, Ace Mart customer
I bought this flavor because my kids love banana flavored snow cones. We were not let down! Has very good banana flavor. This flavor is my kids’ favorite.- Big Blue Eyes, Ace Mart customer
Anyone who likes watermelon will like this one. The gel stays on top of the ice. The flavor is amazing.- libth , Ace Mart customer
Your Banana flavor is incredible- Rocky, Riverside Ca, Ace Mart Customer