Jell-Craft Peach Jalapeno Lemonade

Jell-Craft Peach Jalapeno Lemonade

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Peach Jalapeno LemonadeJell-Craft Peach Jalapeno Lemonade is a delicious refreshing way to spice up your lemonade! You’ll give your mouth a delightful treat of tart, sweet and a hint of natural Jalapeno! Enjoy a drink for yourself or make it for your next summer get together!  Your guests will be impressed!

What you need:

  • Water
  • 1 bottle of Jell-Craft Peach Punch Concentrate
  • 1 bottle of Jell-Craft Jalapeno Lemonade Drink Starter
  • Jalapenos and Lemons (optional for garnish)
    • The punch concentrate and drink starter can only be purchased at HEB.


First make the Jell-Craft Jalapeno Lemonade Drink Starter by following the directions on the back of the bottle to make either a glass or a 48 oz. pitcher of lemonade

Remember, 2 squeezes of lemonade to 8 oz. glass of water or use the fill line on the back of the Drink Starter bottle to make a 48 oz. pitcher (3/4 cup of lemonade to 42 oz. of water).

Depending on the size of beverage you make, you will use 2 tbsp of Peach Punch Concentrate to every 8 oz. of lemonade.

Garnish with Jalapenos and Lemons once done! Make it as festive as you want and severe!