Cutting-edge food trends for 2016

Cutting-edge food trends for 2016

10/19/2015 | Source: Food Business News

BOULDER, COLO. — Sugary juices and sweetened yogurts may fall out of favor as consumers increasingly embrace savory flavors in 2016. On the list of culinary trend predictions compiled by the Sterling-Rice Group, Boulder, Colo., are sippable soups, salted yogurt and sour “switchels.”

“We’re really seeing this expansion of our savory palate and how Americans and millennials especially are getting excited about foods that allow them to expand and explore what’s going on in their mouth,” Kara Nielsen, culinary director and trendologist at Sterling-Rice Group, told Food Business News. “(These trends) are really showing that people are more interested in things that are a little more sour and assertive or a little less sweet and a little more balanced. I think that’s going to continue, and a big message for bigger food companies is that they don’t need to keep pandering to a simple taste profile. We are ready for things that are a little more complex and with more umami notes and a little less sugar.”

To compile its annual list, the group collects expertise from food industry experts, publications and trade shows to identify emerging trends in the industry. Not all trends hit the mainstream, but key drivers suggest a shift in consumer behaviors and need states that restaurant operators and food manufacturers may leverage in product development.

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