Spring Drinks

Spring Drink

Spring Drinks

Spring kicked off back on March 20th, and one question I have for you is….

What spring drink is in your cup?

Drink trends can change based on the year but also based on the season. The popularity of seasonal drinks is usually crafted to taste with what goes well with the weather.

Have you noticed there are particular beers that are referred to as “summer beers” or even some restaurants have a specific cocktail menu that pertains to that particular season, such as the Springtime Sips menu at Applebee’s?

In fact, Starbucks launched a new spring drink called Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Shaken Espresso, along with a few other spring drinks for a limited time. If you are a Starbucks lover, check out this Top 10 Spring Drinks, created by students from Baylor University.

Popular Spring Drinks

Spring Drinks Popular spring drinks include flavors that are Floral based. Spring drink floral flavors include Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, and Hibiscus.  These flavors complement cocktails, mocktails, water, and even lemonade! Did someone say Lavender Lemonade? Here’s a list of 40 spring drink floral recipes to check out!

Sangria is also another popular spring drink of choice! But did you know there are many different sangria recipes based on the season? Check out these delicious recipes for seasonal Sangria!

Snow Cones as a Spring Drink Choice:

At Son Beverage Company, we know when spring is just around the corner becauseSpring Drinks Strawberry Lemonade Jell-Craft snow cone syrup and Lemonade orders start rolling in. People start to gear up for the warmer weather so they can have a sweet treat on hand. Even though snow cone syrups aren’t necessarily a beverage, they still count as a delicious spring treat to have with popular flavors being coconut, cherry, pineapple, and strawberry.

But did you know that each Jell-Craft
sno-cone syrup can be made into a delicious beverage by adding water, sparkling water, or soda to it?

One of the most popular ways to use Jell-Craft’s Coconut Sno-Cone Syrup is by making Sonic’s Copycat Ocean Water.  Get creative and combine Jell-Craft’s Strawberry Sno-Cone Syrup with their Old-Fashioned Lemonade Concentrate for Strawberry Lemonade (recipe here). Take it a step further and spice up Jell-Craft’s Strawberry Lemonade by adding hibiscus flavoring to it!

For more spring drink recipes, check out Jellcraft.com and click on the recipe tab on top!


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  • I love sno-cones just like anyone else lol..I bought a small sno-cone maker for my kids at Walmart..well they had all kinds of different syrups there..except Coconut!!! Thank goodness I found it on here..and I’m more of a clear Coconut fan..but I have to say this one is good too and the price isn’t too much either!!! Naomi Riggs
    Amazon customer