Jell-Craft Snow Cone Syrups used as Margarita Mixes

Jell-Craft Snow Cone Syrups used as Margarita Mixes

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Did you know Jell-Craft Snow Cone Syrups can be used to make delicious Margaritas? If you’re not in the mood for tequila, use different liquor and make a unique cocktail!

If you have a Margarita machine and you’re using our gallon syrups, you would follow this recipe:

  • One gallon Jell-Craft Margarita flavor snow cone syrup
  • 25 gallons water
  • 25 L tequila
  • 750 mL triple sec

If you are using our quart size snow cone syrups, follow these instructions:

  • One quart Jell-Craft Margarita snow cone syrup
  • 72 oz water
  • 72 oz tequila
  • 6 oz triple sec

Jell-Craft has over 40 delicious snow cone flavors to choose from including some flavors that would make unique cocktails like Leche Quemada and Root Beer. Click here for a full list!

Snow Cones as Marg Mix


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  • I love sno-cones just like anyone else lol..I bought a small sno-cone maker for my kids at Walmart..well they had all kinds of different syrups there..except Coconut!!! Thank goodness I found it on here..and I’m more of a clear Coconut fan..but I have to say this one is good too and the price isn’t too much either!!! Naomi Riggs
    Amazon customer