Warm Wassail Recipe

Warm Wassail Recipe

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Jell-Craft Punch Warm Wassail Recipe

When it’s cold outside it’s always nice to enjoy something warm, and in Texas cold pretty much means anything below 70 degrees. Drinking the typical hot chocolate and hot apple cider gets old and it’s good to spice it up with something different such as using Jell-Craft Tropical Fruit Punch to make a Warm Wassail!

Jell-Craft Tropical Fruit Punch labels have mixing instructions in both English and Spanish on how to make a Warm Wassail.

Instructions are below:Warm Wassail Recipe


  • Jell-Craft Tropical Fruit Punch
  • Water
  • Oranges, cherries, any fruit you would like to add
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Cloves

Warm Wassail Directions
Simply Mix 1 part punch concentrate to 3 parts water
Mix thoroughly and add fruit, cinnamon sticks, and cloves
Heat to desired temperature in coffee pot, crock pot or on the stove and serve

Ponche Wassail Caliente / Ponche Navideno
Simplemente agregue 1 parte de concentrado con 3 partes de agua
Mezcle bien y agregue frutas, palitos de canela, clavo de olor
Caliente a temperatura deseada en la cafetera o estufa y servirá


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What others are saying…

  • Delicous flavor but can be a bit overpowering. It tastes like a mixture between strawberry and watermelon, in my opinion. When mixed with something a little more sour (like the sal y limon flavor) it tastes really good. I would recommend this as an expansion of syrups that are provided (growing popular). Sour Power
    Ace Mart customer