International PicNic Day

International PicNic Day

International PicNic Day

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Did you know International Picnic Day is a thing? Apparently, there’s an international day for everything, which includes International Picnic Day! This year it falls on Saturday, June 18th!

Instead of talking about a traditional picnic, we are taking it up a notch by doing it Jell-Craft Style!

Here are Five Fun Facts you may not have known about our Texas PicNic Punch concentrate.

Five Facts:

  • Walter Oertling, the founder of Jell-Craft products, developed the PicNic Punch concentrate recipe when he attended Louisiana State University. It was his senior chemistry project and was a hit among college students! Have you ever had Trashcan punch? It might have been made with PicNic punch!

  • Jell-Craft’s PicNic Punch concentrate was originally spelled PikNik, like the Shoestring Potato Chips. The spelling of the name was changed in 2015 to the more traditional way of spelling PicNic.

  • There has always been a fruit bowl on the Jell-Craft PicNic punch concentrate label, from when it was first developed until now.

  • The flavors of Jell-Craft’s PicNic punch concentrate contain cherry and orange flavoring, giving it a light fruity but tart taste!

  • There are many recipes you can use with Jell-Craft’s PicNic punch concentrate! Want it as a popsicle? Check out how to do that, here! What about a sparking punch? There’s a recipe for that too! It even makes a great ice cream topper! Adults, how about adding some alcohol to it to turn it into a cocktail? We will let you determine the amount of alcohol you add.

Bonus Fact:

  •  Jell-Craft’s PicNic punch concentrate is delicious to drink warm when it’s cold outside. Turn it into a Warm Wassail and add cinnamon sticks, cloves, oranges, cranberries, and cherries! Here’s Jell-Craft Warm Wassail Recipe.

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